Friday, 16 February 2007

Finally Friday!

I started my day at 1am when the dog screamed (yes, they can do that – it wasn’t a yip, it was louder, it wasn’t a yelp, it was longer – it was a scream). I sat bolt upright in bed and did what any normal person would do – I woke DH. He wasn’t impressed, I told him the dog was screaming but by that time the dog was silent. DH looked both sceptically and hostilely at me (ok it was dark but I know his looks) for waking him up. I silently wished that the dog would make the noise again, not because he was hurt but so that I could feel validated for waking DH.

I decide to go check the dog myself, since DH was already trying to get back to sleep. The dog was lying quietly in his crate – I let him outside anyway. No signs of blood or limping or anything. Maybe he just caught his paw in the bars or something. So I go back up and try to go to sleep – of course that takes me at least an hour.

Ok fast forward to getting on the train and heading to work. I always sit in the handicapped car as it has bench seats and more leg room. First a bit of background info – this is the 7.23am train headed into Toronto. I would say at least 99% of the people on this train are headed into work. Many people have their laptops out, or are going over notes, many more are sleeping, or trying to.

This morning, also on the handicapped car is a mother and father with a 2 yr old in a stroller. No big deal, we often get small children on the train. The problem was the mother. This woman talked “Sammy’s” (as well as our) ear off. “Oh look! The conductor! Yah!" *clapping of hands* “Oh see the freight train Sammy!? Yah!” *more clapping* “Whoo hoo, snow! Trees!” *clap clap* She narrated (in a way too cheerful voice) everything she saw to Sammy. Then she read him a story book – out loud and I do mean loud! She talked the entire 45 minute train ride. Everyone on the car could hear her. There were many loud sighs and nasty glances her way but no one actually said anything. I personally put my MP3 player on, loud (and was still able to hear her exclamations of Amelia’s smelly socks! I was pretty sure the woman facing me, making exasperated faces at me and anyone else who happened to look her way, was going to say something. She was trying to study something and the mother’s exuberant rendition of Amelia was really getting to her.

Now before anyone starts flaming me, let me say, I have an almost 10 yr old. He was once a 2 yr old that needed to be entertained on long trips. But when in public places, I talked quietly to him. I also allowed him to survey his surroundings quietly on his own. There is such a thing as over-stimulation – this mom needs to know that. Oh she was also teaching him sign language – so every time she spoke to him it was accompanied by hand gestures. This too is distracting when trying to read, type or sleep. It was like being part of a Blue’s Clues episode!

While chatting away merrily to Sammy non-stop for almost an hour is acceptable behaviour at the playgroup, it is not so much acceptable at 7:30am in a train car full of people wanting nothing but peace and quiet.

Ok so I arrive in Toronto and start my short jaunt to work – I pass the ATM machine and think to myself “I think I have $20 in my wallet”, but decide to check just in case … Hmmm…I can’t find my wallet.

Backtrack a bit, yesterday morning I noticed that my son’s winter coat seems a bit small on him, the sleeves are a tad short and the body is tighter than it should be. So I decided that after work yesterday we would go to Wal-mart and look for clearance winter coats – no luck, bathing suits and tank tops are now gracing the racks. So when we get home, I go to Sears’ website and order him a jacket and snow pants online. I use my credit card. The credit card from my wallet. My office (and computer) are on the second floor of my house. My purse where my wallet resides is located on the first floor of the house. So being smart and lazy and not wanting to take the wallet back downstairs before going to bed, I put it on my bathroom vanity where I am sure to see it when getting ready for work in the morning. Well I did see it, several times actually and I reminded myself each time to take it when I was done. And then promptly left without it.

In Toronto, approx. 70 Km from home, I search through my purse. There must be some money in here somewhere right. I found my card wallet – you know, it holds all those extra less often used cards. I find a Visa card – an account I have been meaning to close – ok I can just get a cash advance – no dice the card has expired. Then I find the debit card to my husband's account – it is a joint account but I never use it and have not activated the pin so can’t use that either. And today of all days – I didn’t bring my lunch as I usually do. Hmm, no money – no food.

Thankfully, my co-worker D (whom I have only known for about a month) just got in and after spilling to him my sob story, lent me $20 until Monday – what a guy! I can eat today!

I decide I need a bagel – I haven’t yet eaten today and its 10:30am. I decide to go downstairs to the restaurant in my office building. I need to hit the ladies room first though. I need to bring my $20 and my office pass card (so that I can enter my floor again). I have no wallet to put them in, I also have no pockets in these pants. I think of putting them in my bra, but I am wearing a turtleneck and that may be tricky. I just clutch them tightly in my hand. In the ladies room, as I lift my sweater slightly to undo my pants, I notice the nylon knee-high stuck to the inside of my sweater; at least I hope it was mostly on the inside. I can imagine walking around the office with the foot of my knee-high hanging out of my top. Well it is casual Friday!

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