Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Works for me Wednesday - Bible in Audio Format

I was not raised a Christian. I believe in God, as did my parents, but we just didn’t practice anything in particular (other than to be a good person). I did go to Sunday school for a few years when I was small for fun. I was baptised Anglican – if that matters.

As I have gotten older, I have found myself getting more and more spiritual. I bought myself a Bible a few years ago, just because I had never had one before and wanted to start reading it.

I did – I started it that is, then I stopped. I work outside the home and leave early and get home late, I have a hard time finding time to read and so I end up trying to read a bit each night in bed before going to sleep, problems is, I usually fall asleep before I get much reading done.

I switched my son to a Catholic school this year because we were fed up with the nonsensical policies at the public school and because we knew that the Catholic school was more advanced then the public school. We had to ask special permission to have him enrolled, as neither my husband nor I are Catholic.

As my son learns more about religion, I feel I should too so that I can keep up with his questions, so I have once again started to read the Bible.

Then one day I found this! I don’t recall where I first heard about it – I thought it might have even been a Works for me Wednesday post, but couldn’t find anything about it in my search of Shannon’s pages. So if someone out there already posted this great idea, I apologize now for stealing your idea.

What it is, is the Bible in audio format! – I was able to download MP3s of each verse of Genesis and Exodus (I’ll get the others as I finish these) and listen to them on the train ride to and from work – or any time for that matter. You can even chose which version of the Bible you want. While I still have a lot to get through, and still do enjoy old fashioned reading once in a while, this will keep me on track for reading the Bible.

I hope someone else will also be able to use this tip!

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Amy Jane said...

So... how d you keep your mind on what you're listening to? Is your commute un-distracting?

I do read the bible (pretty familiar w/ it, actually), and I love books-on-tape-- listen to some so much I can recite sections.

Not the same with my bible-on tape. Maybe I just don't listen enough?

I feel uncomfortable just letting it run as "background noise" when thinking of other things (like I will with other books).

Any ideas?

Kim said...

Well I take a train to work - I'm not driving and I just close my eyes and listen to the MP3 - I turn it up enough to block most of the other noises out.

And since each verse is a separate file, if I find myself tuning out - I just stop it there and when I turn the MP3 player on again it will start up where I left off.

I chose the World English version - and am now starting to find the narrator's voice somewhat grating, especially when he recites all the names. son's and son's of son's.

Nikki said...

I think this is a wonderful tip. I love to listen to scriptures on CD while commuting wherever we need to go. Sometimes I feel a little guilty when I realize I haven't been paying attention-- but I think it's still sinking in and I could always listen to it again and again. Thanks for sharing!