Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Works for me Wednesday - Kid Clothing Organization

Organizing kid's clothes.

My son is nine and would gladly wear his favorite jeans and top all week long if I let him. I don't (although it would really save on laundry).
Instead of having the hassle of telling him to put on something clean each day, I put out his clothes for the week in sets for each day.
A couple of years ago I bought one of these - > it hangs in his closet.
Each Sunday I do my laundry and instead of putting his stuff away in his dresser, I put a set of clothes (underwear, socks, top & pants) in each of the cubies. Each morning he has the choice of what to wear out of the stack. He gets to pick and I know he is wearing something clean - we are both happy!
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Mommy, the Human Napkin said...

I love this idea! I've been considering getting one for each of my kids, but I keep having visions of the younger ones trying to climb it. I think this would be great for my kindergartner, though.

Iris said...

Hi there! Thank you for popping by my blog and commenting. I will always reciprocate with a visit and a comment.

I hope you will come back and read more!

GiBee said...

Great, great tip!!!