Wednesday, 4 April 2007

My son’s thing

I don’t know how to approach this story – except to jump right in.

A couple of years ago, when my son was 7 or 8, he called me into the bathroom one day. He told me his penis hurt. I asked if I could have a look.

Ok I have to get a little graphic to explain this, please bear with me – on the head of his penis, was a small (couple millimetres) triangular shaped slightly raised bump. He said it hurt to touch. I called my husband in for a look – hey he has more experience with these things then I do LOL.

My husband looked and said he had never seen anything like it before. He had a strange look on his face (probably assuming it was some type of tumour on a very important piece of the male anatomy).

We decided to take my son to the walk in clinic since it was a weekend. We waited the usual 2 hours before we got in to see the Dr. I asked my son to show the Dr. He was a little shy but did as we asked.

She said it might be a fungal infection and carefully (very carefully as my son began to freak out) took a swab of around the spot. She prescribed a cream of some type to put on it as well as a fungal cream that we should get if she called with positive results from the fungal swab.

We filled the regular cream prescription and went home. I showed my son how to apply the cream – twice a day – with a cotton swab.

On the second day, as he is applying the cream, he calls from the bathroom “Mom! It came off!”

“WHAT CAME OFF?” I screamed back as I ran to the bathroom expecting – geeze I really don’t know what I expected!

He is standing in the bathroom in front of the toilet with his pants down, starring at the cotton swab in his hand. A quick glance down tells me what didn’t fall off. He shows me the swab – there on it is the small triangular shaped slightly raised bump. Gross I know – but I had to check it out – I picked it off the swab head and discovered it was a ………

Piece of popcorn kernel!

Man I laughed so hard! It wasn’t cancer or anything that would threaten his manhood – it was just him eating popcorn in his underwear and somehow….well and popcorn kernels can be very sharp and hurt if digging into you in just the right place.

My husband was very relieved! I’m sure the person who called to tell me it wasn’t a fungal infection thought I was nuts as I laughed at her too.

So all was fine and good and I have a great story to hang over his head as he gets older - and he has learned not to eat popcorn in his underwear! LOL.

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