Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Works for me Wednesday - New way with waffles

My 9 yr old son loves waffles - we buy the frozen kind, but I don't like him to have too much sugar (syrup) so he can only have them with syrup once a week.

So what my son and husband do (this is the only way hubby ever ate waffles growing up - his Mom didn't want him to have ANY sugar!) is toast two waffles and then spread a bit of margerine on both pcs, then place a slice of processed cheese between them and mash together like a sandwich (you have to mash a bit so that the heat will melt the cheese).

Then they dunk them in ketchup like grilled cheese sandwiches. They both really loves these and they are slightly quicker then making grilled cheeses too and my son can make them himself without having to use the stove.

Works for us!

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Mom2fur said...

Sometimes, the weirdest-sounding dishes are the most delicious, aren't they?

Kathleen Marie said...

I never would have thought of this but I'll bet it is good. My son like peanut butter on his.

justabeachkat said...

I play tennis at 8AM three days a week so I need to be out the door quickly. I like the frozen type waffles too, but don't need the butter and syrup. I pop one in the toaster and then spread it with peanut butter, fold it over and hold it with a napkin and I'm out the door. I can eat my yummy breakfast easily on the way.