Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Works for me Wednesday - Cleansing Cloths

I only started wearing make-up on a regular basis a couple years ago (no I'm not young - just lazy!).
At first I was lazy and didn’t always bother to wash off my make-up each night. As you can imagine, I broke out horribly.
I then purchased a decent but expensive make-up remover and started a nightly ritual that consisted of using the make-up remover to get the make-up off then using a gentle cleanser to wash my face then I would apply moisturiser.

When I ran out of the expensive make-up remover, I started looking for a cheaper alternative.

There are A LOT out there.

I decided to try Pond’s Clean Sweep cleansing and make-up removing towelettes (long name!) with chamomile, vitamin E and green tea extract.

These are GREAT!
They are not like the soapy cleansing cloths out there, these are pre-moistened and you just wipe them over your face.
They remove the make-up AND clean at the same time.
They don’t smell funny or leave any residue.
And I don’t have to wash my face afterwards, just moisturize - it saves me a step!
I paid about $8 Cdn for a pack of 30. I only use one each time.
I've been using them for about a month now and no break outs either! (I have very sensitive skin)

Works for me!

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Tater and Tot said...

Those look great! I'm guilty of not washing my face at night - I should try those! Thanks for sharing!

Kathleen Marie said...

After years of trying all sorts of things, I went back to a gentle soap, baby oil, simple lotions. Thanks!

Mom2fur said...

I use these, and sometimes the CVS brand, and I love them. I especially like not having to splash water on my face, which gets my hair all wet. You can even cut them in half if you aren't wearing a lot of makeup. I've also cut small strips off them to dab away any mascara that I've smudged--something I do a lot because I often forget I'm wearing the stuff, LOL!

Rae said...

These are fantastic, I use them too! Great tip! =)

Mary said...

Aldi's now carries their own brand
as well in both unscented and scented. The cost in Pennsylvania was $0.99 each for a 30 pack.