Monday, 16 April 2007

My weekend in review

Well da man went out of town on Friday afternoon for a hunting show. That left da kid and I on our own for the night. We walked to and from dance class (da kid takes a hip hop class) in the cold - man when is it going to warm up?

I hate trying to sleep when da man isn't home. I know it isn't logical but I can't sleep well when he isn't there. Every noise wakes me. Even though I know, if he had been home and 26 ninjas broke down the door and stampeeded though the house, he probably wouldn't wake up - I feel safer when he is there.

So Saturday my sister, my friend, da kid and I went to a Psychic Fair - or so we thought - it was crap - not even worth the $3 we paid to get in. Teeny tiny and they were selling crap and ridiculus prices. The psychics were charging $60 and were telling fortunes with coloured popsickle sticks - I kid you not! We spent all of 15 minutes there. Then we went to the Courtice Flea market - at least we knew what to expect there.

Da man came home at around 4pm on Saturday - I got to sleep that night :)

On Sunday I did the usual - 4 loads of laundry, made bran muffins (from a mix but still), made granola bars (from scratch), prepped salads and fixins for two days lunches, ran the dishwasher (which means I had to unload then reload it) and watched 7 of 8 hours (I missed the first hour) of the mini series The Stand (did all my other stuff while watching it) - it's based on the Stephen King book by the same name - I am huge Stephen King fan.

I was supposed to finish mine and da man's taxes - but didn't will try to get to that tonight.

Why do weekends go by so fast - yet Mondays can last a week?

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