Thursday, 5 April 2007

Things you should not do on the GO train

For those of you who do not know, the GO train is a high speed commuter train that I take into Toronto (and back) to work each day. It's a 50 minute train ride.

  1. Do not, EVER, get on the 4:10 pm train home, and sit right in front of me (we are so close that our shoes touch) and eat McDonalds! I don't even really like McDs but - come on! at that time of day, I am famished and McDs just smells SO good. There should be a law. I did my best not to drool on this guys shoes.
  2. Get up 10 mins early and do your makeup AT HOME! I mean really - do you know how attractive you look making THE face as you put on your mascara in a car full of strangers?
  3. If you must bring little ones on the morning train, please read to them quietly and explain that all the nice people on the train would really like to nap.
  4. Please turn your cell phone volume down from "rock the house" to very very low and get rid of the obnoxious ringtones people! When you answer you phone, speak quietly, we do not all want to hear you ask your teen if he scooped the poop in the backyard! Like I mentioned in point 3, people would just really want to nap!
  5. Do not bring your hairdryer on the train (oh yes she did!), there are not many outlets and even if you did find one, do you really think we want to watch you flip your hair dry?
  6. To the same hairdryer lady (term used loosely), do not hog the teeny tiny bathroom to do your makeup the entire ride home. Other people may have to go. She also changed her clothes, I know this because she took off her shirt, came out of the teeny tiny bathroom, IN HER BRA, grabbed a new shirt from her bag and then went back it.
  7. If you know you snore loudly, do NOT go to sleep! (on the train that is :))

    I am sure there are more, but I am done my rant for today.

Have a nice Easter weekend all :)

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amber said...

the hairdryer comment is HILARIOUS. I would've never imagined.