Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Ramblings, cleaning, moving etc...

Well it has been a while since I last posted. Just lazy I guess. Work is still boring. We have decided to start looking for a new house and putting our's on the market - of course that means I now have a ton of work to do on our current home. Things like cleaning, decluttering, packing, more cleaning.

I worked from home yesterday, and got a fair amount of cleaning done. We have an insurance inspection Thursday evening and our realestate agent is coming on Saturday to tell us what we should be doing to the house to fix it up to sell - so the house needs to be at least tidy.

This is what I accomplished:
  • Main bath - clean tub, floor, counter top and toilet surround (still need to do the bowl).
  • Ensuite bath - clean shower stall, floor (still need to do toilet and counter).
  • Kitchen - washed all dishes, put away most, removed stovetop element pans and rings, soaked and scrubed til gleaming and replaced, cleaned stove top.
  • Washed da kid's winter outer wear.
  • Washed sheets that have been sitting next to the washer for months.
  • Sorted through a box in the basement - some stuff for yard sale, some to garbage and some to keep.
  • Cleared off dining table and shook off crumbs.
  • Cleaned out hall closet, some stuff for garbage, some for yard sale - killed all dust bunnies.
  • Powderroom - swept floor, emptied wastebasket.
  • Tidied office - some boxes put away in closet.

Still lots to do. Hoping to be able to go see 3 houses we like on Saturday.

Big things I still need to do:

  • Get quotes for house painting, then get it done.
  • Ceramic tiles need a serious cleaning and grout repair.
  • Steam clean carpet in livingroom. May as well do furnature as well.
  • Declutter more.
  • Start packing non-essensials.
  • Get quotes for movers.

Prabably more than that, but it is a start.