Thursday, 21 June 2007

1st post using my new laptop

So I got my new laptop today. It is quite large but the keyboard is tiny and I am having a hard time getting used to it. I can't get it to connect using the wireless card either - I had to bring up the CAT5 cable to get hooked up to the internet. K will fix it tonight for me and connect me to the network in the house as well so that I can transfer all my files over from my desktop PC.

Still no word back from the last offer we put in. We will here something this evening I guess.
I am pretty sure they will go for it.

We are going to go to the Greek pavilion this evening for dinner. J will eat at home as he doesn't like Greek food or at least he doesn't think he does.

I hope K is able to set everything up on the laptop tonight so that tomorrow I can sit in the backyard, if it is not too hot, and transfer my file or write or whatever.

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