Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Put an offer in on a house

Yesterday we put an offer in on a house - pretty much the only house we have liked since we started our house hunting a month or so ago. It was one of the first we looked at - it has been on the market for quite some time and we didn't want it to sell from under us before we sell ours so we put in the condition of ours selling. We offered 335K , they countered with 345K, we returned countered with 340K - that is pretty much as high as we want to go. I guess we will find out tomorrow if they accept or not. We really don't have any other house we like either so this better happen.

We haven't had any showings on our house since we dropped the price - I was sure we would have a few calls but nope nothing - I am expecting Saturday to be busy - we should make plans to be out most of the day I think ... I hope.

It is Fiesta week this week in Oshawa - we went to the German pavillion tonight - I had schnitzel, with saurkraut, hashbrowns and a roll, J has sausage (it came with two large sausage) but they tasted akin to balogna. K has schnitzel on a bun. The schnitzel was good. Portions were large as was the price - $28 for the 3 of us. Drinks were extra. Eating out this month is going to break the bank.

I wish I knew in advance - like a day or so - when people would be coming to see our house. Then I would cook on the days when they are not coming. I am afraid to cook anything, even in the crockpot, because it may smell up the hosue and turn people off. I just wish it would hurry up and sell already!

Tomorrow night we will probably go to the Greek pavillion. J will eat at home before we go as he doesn't like the food there.

I have been reading firously the last week or so. I read all 5 of my novels from the library - I have two more book I think, but they are not novels. It has been really nice to do nothing all day except read or surf the net.

Keeping the hous clean is easier too, I just have to wash the few dishes we use each morning, make the beds, tidy a few things and it's done. Would be nice if I can keep this up even after the hosue sells, but by then I will have to start packing again and will probably lose the motivation to keep things tidy - oh well.

The boys are definitely going to have to lend a hand with housework at the new house which is so much bigger. More sweeping, swiffering and vacuuming will need to be done. I think I may get one of those swiffer wet jets for the kitchen/diningroom floors. I don't wash the floors here hardly at all - I will have to do this more often in the new house - hopefully the swiffer wet jet will make this an easy weekly task.

I think once the cooler weather comes in the fall I will also get in the habit of making homemade pizza on Friday night - it is so mucher cheaper and better for us and will help us to save money too.

There are going to be a lot of changes I will nee dto make in the new house - kind of a new life. Clean more, eat less, save more money etc... Time to tighen the belt all around.

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