Friday, 29 June 2007

Some kid's Moms!

Why oh oh are there idiot parents out there? Ok a bit of back story so you know where I am coming from. We have lived on this street for 10 yrs, my son grew up here and has made friends with other kids on the street.

So a new family move into the street last August - they have a son one yr younger then mine - great right? Nope this kid is nothing but trouble from day one. We give all the kids freezies or Popsicles, this kids drops his wrapper on the ground on our lawn, never says thanks. So one day all the kids are playing - this kids rips a branch off a tree (he is ALWAYS doing this and his parents seem to have no problem with it) and proceeds to hit the other three kids with it. The three kids, get that all three of them, go to his mother and tell her what he has been doing. She calls them all liers and tells them to get off her property.

This is the kind of woman I have to deal with! She is nuts. Her kid can do no wrong.

So today, all the kids are playing together, so far no problems. She buds in, she calls her kid and one she is babysitting to come away from my kid. Tells them to stay away from him because he is a bad influence. Then she lures the other two kids still playing with my son to her house with freezies, my kid is not allowed on her property and wasn't included int he invite. So now all the kids are her house and my son has no one to play with. He is majorly upset.

We will be moving this summer, so it will be the last he can play with these friends. What the hell am I supposed to do? I would love to punch her, scream at her to grow up but that might make me look juvenile too.

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hermitgrrl said...

that so sucks! >:(

(just checkin out PW's readers :) )