Sunday, 24 June 2007

Starting to freak out

So our offer on the house was accepted, however, it is conditional on the sale of our current house. We have until July 16th to sell it or the offer is null & void. I want that house! This one has to sell! We dropped the price 10K but have only had one showing since - we do have one scheduled for tomorrow but expected to have some calls for Saturday which didn't happen. K & I redid the grout this weekend - we used the premixed stuff, it looks much better than last time.

K is thinking very negatively about this whole thing - I don't think that helps - butit is hard to convince him to be positive - he is naturally negative.

We are thinking that we will put J back into public school instead of Catholic school as he can walk to the Public one and would have to be bussed to the Catholic one.

I think he will do fine there - the problem with the last public school was more the principal and the reputation J had there.

I know I just have to think positively that this house will sell, probably this week at the decent price of 245K. I hope also to be able to close earlier than Aug 24th - I would like to close Sprucewood on July 27th and this one on July 30th so that we have a couple days overlapping.

That would allow us the entire month of August in the new neighbourhood to meet people and get settled before school starts in Sept.

I think the people viewing our house tomorrow are really going to like it and put in an offer on Tuesday - probably a low offer of 240K, we will counter with 247K and then they will counter with 245K which we will accept - I really hope they can do a July 30th closing.

Everything is going to turn out fine - and once it is sold, I can get back to packing stuff and not have to worry about constantly cleaning everything, although, having the house clean has been nice. Who knows, maybe if I am not too busy I will keep it up - lord knows, we will have plenty of cleaning to do in the new house and to keep it clean as well.

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