Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Still no sale/House inspection

Today we had a home inspection on the house we put an offer on. It cost us $450. Everything pretty much checks out fine - there is nothing major wrong with it. There are a few things we have to watch and there are two windows we will need to replace.

However, while we were there I noticed how much cleaning I am going to have to do - I don't think anyone has ever washed the baseboards - ever! And there are casement windows with california shutters in front of them - opening them today was scary! Dead bugs, cobwebs and mold like crazy!

We will eventually have to repaint pretty much every room - it wasn't done well but can be lived with for now. If you kind of squint everything looks fine LOL it is only when you look closely that you notice how much of the wall colour ended up on the ceiling and on the thermostat etc..

Someone spilled paint down several of the stairway banisters and along the trim on the inside edge - you can see were they tried to clean up some of it - but they are either blind or didn't see most of it and there are now dried drips running down several spindles - I don't know how we will get this off.

It looks like they did most repair work themselves and very poorly - the caulking around the glass panels in the double front doors is disgusting, it is messy, cracked and filthy.

I know it sounds like I am whining but really I'm not - I know all these things are cosmetic and can be fixed relatively easily - over time.

Over all the inspector said for a house in this neigbourhood and by this builder (Rose valley Homes - who has had several poorly constructed homes) it is in fairly decent shape. He has seen some major problems with houses in the area by this builder. This house is 5 yrs old - so if anything were going to go wrong, it would have already.

Now we just have to get our house sold - we had two showings yesterday but no bites and no showings today - Ara says not to expect many (if any) showing on the weekend because it is the long weekend - I am still hoping there will be some.

We only have until July 16th to sell this house - and then our offer is null & void - not sure what we will do then. The summer is really not a good time to be selling a house and if we don't have any prospective houses to buy - we may just have to take it off the market and try again in the fall or something - but I don't know where that leaves Ara - he won't get paid I guess.

I am pretty positive that this house will sell - I hope we get many more showings this week - and that one of them gives us a decent offer - I want this completely ASAP!

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