Thursday, 7 June 2007

Unemployed = Vacation

Ok so Tuesday was the last day of my contract - I am offically unemployed again.

I have pretty much decided that I am going to take the summer off - I am not going to look for work until late August. And I am going to enjoy my summer - instead of panicking about finding a job.

I have looked over the budget and the money still coming due to me and realize that with not having to pay daycare ($400/month) or summer camp ($1200+/summer) or travel expenses (#300+/month) - I can do this just fine.

I will however, do everything possible to be as frugal as I can because we also have the move happening sometime this summer (haven't sold the house nor bought a new one yet though).

I also have a few thousand left over in my income tax account from last year and will be thowing this on my VISA to almost pay it off.

I will be doing a pantry and freezer inventory in the next week or so - and do my best to use that stuff up so we don't have to move it. Hopefully that will cut my grocery bill a bit too.

Also, since I am not working, I am saving at least $2.15 per day (Tim Hortons cafe mocha) and often times $7+ for lunch.

Today I made pasta salad from stuff I had on hand - it was lunch and will also be my dinner.

The pasta primavera I made the other night was dinner for DH & I for two nights plus two lunches for me. Will definietly be making that again.

DS is thrilled that he will get to stay home this summer and not have to do camp - he loved camp last year (because he got to go swimmer twice a day) but that camp closed down - plus with us moving, he wants the summer to play with his friends on this street and if we move mid-summer, to meet new friends on the new street.

It works for me - summer camp last year cost me $1200+ and I had to pack his lunch and snacks each day - he will still need food while home of course, but I can give him inexpensive things like PB sandwiches, which we could not send to camp (or school for that matter) as every public place here is NUT free due to allergies.

While at work over the last month, I wasn't that busy and spent most of the time surfing the net thinking of all the things I had to do at home to get the house ready to sell - now that that is all done and I am home - I can't think of anything to do. LOL

I don't want to get into anything that will make too big of a mess because I still have to be able to clean the house quickly should I get a call for a showing at any time.

So far I have done a lot of sleeping, reading, and surfing the net - also planning on how I will keep things within budget this summer. I really wish I could find a part-time work from home writing assignment - but they are pretty non-existent.

Going to see a house tonight that we saw once already and like. The price was a little high but they have lowered it by 10K and it has been on the market a long time.

Dinner will be leftovers or scrounge your own.

$0 spent today - I guess that is frugal :)

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