Saturday, 9 June 2007

Ways to save money this summer (while not working)

  • Do a freezer & pantry inventory and use stuff up - we don't want to move it.
    - did an inventory have started to use stuff up.
  • Double think things before buying - do we really need it now, or can we do without.
  • No new clothing for K or I unless we lose a size down.
  • Don't buy any books (other than Happy Potter 7 on order) use the library.
  • Homemade inexpensive treats for J all summer.
    - started today, was cool enough to bake muffins and granola bars.
  • Get J to drink more water than juice or koolaid this summer.
  • Eat less - K and I both need to lose a few.
  • Read more, stitch more, paint more - spend more time on hobbies while I have this time off.
    - problem with this is that I packed my stitching and painting supplies - will see how bored I get if I decide to unpack those boxes or not.
  • Stretch shampoos and liquid soaps.
  • Take advantage of splash pad at park.
  • Keep air at 22 whenever possible.

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