Sunday, 1 July 2007

49 days and counting

As my dear son so lovingly reminded me yesterday, I turn 40 on the 19th of August.

Wow. And damn. I was supposed to have accomplished so much more by this time of my life. Where did all the time go? Damn.

Ok so I have been browsing the world of weightloss blogs for the past two days trying my best to get super motivated and get back on track to losing weight. I have approx. 100 lbs to go. Damn.

So I have to lose weight - who doesn't right. But I keep talking about it but nothing happens - it sux how that works, talking about it just doesn't help.

Ok so I'm about to go get the treadmill set up again - we had it set aside when we got the house ready to show - we are selling our house - if you haven't been reading my long boring whiny posts about trying to sell my house.

My husband is in the basement on his PC - I am in the dining room on my laptop - so rather then yell down at him - I msged him on Yahoo - I asked him to help with the treadmill but I typed it treatmill - freudien slip? Get on the treatmill for 15 mins and don't feel guilty about that extra pc of bread. Blah.

Ok so time to get serious.

I won't go into exact details cause I don't know who reads this thing - but I have approx. 100 lb of extra fat on my body to get off of it. I have slightly high blood pressure - I have been on meds for it for a couple years now I would like to get that in check and get off them. That is it. No other health concerns other than OH YEAH I'm morbidly obese!

My husband also has an extra 100 lbs or so on his body - now he is about 10 inches taller than me, so his doesn't look so bad. But his recent checkup showed cholesterol just slightly too high.

He is a huge meat eater and bread too - whereas my downfall is chips, chips and chips. Did I mention I like chips?

So I have asked (told) him for like the millionth time, that he not bring chips into the house because they CALL to me - I swear it - and I WILL eat them.

So I know I have to start out with mini goals, so here goes:
  • 10 mins at least on the treadmill each day
  • min 2 litres of water a day - aim for more though
  • make myself back away from at least one tempting food each day
Ok more on this another day - have a great Canada Day!

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