Monday, 2 July 2007

Holiday Monday

So not a lot happening today - I have laundry to do, as usual.
So I did my 15 mins on the treadmill yesterday. I still have to do it today, but the boys have gone to the school to practice soccer so I will wait until they get back - I don't like getting on when no one is home in case the phone rings or some other stupid reason.

So I have been reading all these weight loss blogs and one says that I am supposed to be drinking half my weight in ounces of water - I thought I was doing well when I managed to get in 3! So I still have a ways to go. (For my non-Canadian readers, there are 4 cups in a litre - so I need to drink 20 cups of water each day!)

You know one thing I noticed while browsing the many many weight loss blogs out there? While dieting or trying to lose weight, we focus WAY too much on food - I mean as soon as I decide I am going to attempt to lose weight, I start planning meals. The entire time I am trying to n ot eat as much, all I think about is food, what I should eat next, what I shouldn't. Way too much attention and focus on food. I wish I could focus on exercise instead but I am just not there yet - I will do my treadmill time but not sure what other exercise I will be incorporating.

So, so far today, I have eaten, 1 cup of taco rice & lentils (reheated from last night), a handful of tortilla chips (ya I know), and a choco banana muffin. Oh and a coffee, I used stevia and coffee sweetener instead of sugar (there is sugar in the sweetener but less then if I just used sugar yanno?)

I have downed only 3 cups of water so far - and it is 11am. Gotta get gluggin! Wow to drink 20 cups of water each day I have to average 1.7 cups of water every hour - either that or I have to get up earlier :)

ETA: 4pm I am now up to 9 cups of water. I have also eaten another muffin, had a homemade cafe mocha, a cup of edamame, and about a dozen bites of sausage spaghetti sauce. Now I am feeling full and will save the spaghetti sauce for dinner tomorrow night instead.

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