Monday, 23 July 2007

My weekend in review - Harry Potter!

Well on the spur of the moment on Wednesday night, we decided to invite my Mother in law over for the weekend.

My husband drove there on Thursday evening to pick her up - he called ahead of time to let her know he was on his way (that was about 6:45pm) -it is about an hour's drive. He came home 3.5 hours later with her. When he got there they were just sitting down to dinner and although she had told him on the phone when he called that she was packed and ready to go, it took her another half an hour to get ready after dinner. This kind of thing really bugs me - why can't people respect other people's time.

On Friday at noonish, I had my first ever (and hopefully my last) root canal - it actually wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. It was not painful and I didn't have any pain after the freezer wore off. I have to go back next Friday to have the temp filling replaced with a perm one.

So anyway, we had a nice enough time with her here - her memory seems to be slipping a bit - the evening she arrived, we showed her the flyer and computer pictures of our new house explaining what each room would be used for etc...

Then on Friday, she picked up the flyer of the new house, studied it awhile and said she liked the stairs int he picture - she asked if I liked stairs. I said I wouldn't have bought that house if I didn't. She looked surprised and said "What this house? You bought this house?" She thought it was just something we got in the mail. She had completely forgotten our conversation from the night before.

I also got my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows delivered to my door on Saturday - it wasn't there when I first got up (as the last one had been) but was there when we came back from breakfast out.

I read the entire book over the weekend finishing it last night at about 11pm - it was really good and tied up a lot of loose ends nicely. The spoilers I had read on Friday evening were mostly false.

My mother in law offered to give me a bunch of fabric (I requested only cotton), she said she has several boxes, some not opened for several years (we shall see what is still usable). She is not able to do any sewing living at her daughter's place, as she only has her bedroom which does not have enough space. She will bring me some of these fabrics once we move into the new house. I really want to get back into quilting again, I will have more space to do it in there as well.

Friends of our's got me 6 pints of raspberries on Sunday - Yummy! I love fresh raspberries. I have just been eating them plain. Two pints finished so far.

On Thursday I made mexicalli chicken with pasta.
Friday my MIL made a salad made of salt cod for her and K, J had KD and I made a pasta salad for myself.
Saturday was chicken skewers and shrimp skewers with grilled vegetables and bruscetta.

On Sat I also made a pork tenderloin curry for Sunday's dinner. It was a bit spicy. Oh ya, we also had corn on the cob.

K took his mom home on Sunday evening - her daughter goes back to work on Monday and my MIL watches the kids.

I am really itching to get back to doing some quilting and sewing but that will have to wait at least another month or so.

We will probably being having friends down on the labourday weekend (as K has already invited them) I wasn't planning on it as it will only be that we move in two weeks earlier. We will also have to buy a double bed for the guest room sooner than I had anticipated. Oh well.

I have several To Dos for today:
  • laundry
  • pack clothes that MIL brought for J that do not fit yet
  • pack at least one other box
  • wash dishes
  • repack my water colour box

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