Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Shopping trip - not frugal

Today J & I took the bus to the mall. We went to see Nancy Drew - but more on that later.

So we got there at about 10:30am and had breakfast (if you can call it that) at McDonald's.

Then we bought a $30 gift card & a card for my nephew's birthday on Saturday.

Next we went to Payless shoes and got J two pair of running shoes, one pair of beige Airwalks and a pair of black hightops - both for school ($45).

Next store - we got J a new khacki and cammo back back and lunch bag ($40).

Then we bought J a pair of sunglasses, a wallet and a studded wristband (do you see a theme here?)($25).

We also bought Kernel's Jalapeno Jack popcorn to take into the movie with us. ($12)

Then we went to see Nancy Drew, which was actually pretty good but it was constantly out of focus and I complained when it was over, as did the other 8 people in the movie and we got free movies passes - so we spent $10 but have a free movie to see sometime soon.

After the movie we went to Zellers where I bought a summer purse, a pair of slip on shoes (that ended up killing my feet), a breezy turquoise scarf, a pair of denim shorts and a floppy hat ($98).

Then we had some time to kill before K picked us up on the way home from work. So J spent some time in the video store and ended up finding a PS2 game for $9 (resale) so he got that too.

By that time I was bushed - so we sat and waited for K outside.

On the drive home we stopped at the grocery store to get nacho ingredients for tomorrow's dinner and at Blockbuster for a couple movies.

K may be going out of town tomorrow afternoon, so J and I planned a movie night.

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