Tuesday, 24 July 2007

What I have accomplished over the past two days

I've packed:
  • 3 boxes of books
  • J's fall clothes
  • good dishes
  • roasting pans and dishes rarely used
  • board games

called the following to change hookups & addresses
  • hyrdo (needed to change to new provider too)
  • gas (K had to do this one as it is in his name - changed to include me)
  • phone (new number too)
  • cancelled CIBC Visa
  • mailing direct deposit change to child tax benefit
  • water & sewer
  • sears
Still to do today:
  • finish laundry and put it all away
  • make dinner for J and I from pantry, K will have leftovers
  • see what else I can pack tonight

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