Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Works for Me Wednesday -Frozen Shrimp

I like to keep a bag of frozen peeled raw shrimp in the freezer for quick meals.

We are trying to sell our house and it is hard to plan meals when we don't know if we will be having a house showing or not - we are usually given only 2 hours notice.

For that reason, I don't often plan dinner - we have ended up going out so often the past month, I am sick of eating out.

So for a quick easy meal with little planning, I take out enough frozen shrimp for us, put it in a bowl of cool water to thaw, boil some angel hair pasta, and heat up a jar of alfredo sauce.

Once the shrimp is thawed, I sautee some diced onion and garlic and throw in the shrimp till cooked.

Pop the drained pasta on the plate, add sauce and shrimp- viola quick dinner!

Works for me - for more great tips, pop over to Rocks In My Dryer.

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