Thursday, 2 August 2007

Frugal Finds at Value Village

So I decided yesterday that I really need to get out of the house - I am sick of packing. I am getting sick of my 10 yr old telling me how bored he is. I need out. So I called my sister up and asked if she would take me shopping. I want to make a fabric covered memo board for my new office/sewing room in our new house.

I also needed more packing tape and decided to get that at Dollarama, which is right next to Value Village, where I could look for an apron - I have been wanting one for awhile now. I had planned to go to the fabric store first, which is in the same plaza but instead, I went to Dollarama, got my 4 rolls of tape, then to value Village, where I found the following:

A nice apron, a little small for my ample waist but I can use it as a template for a bigger one later. It was $2.99

This pc of pink floral cotton fabric - about 3 metres I think - it was $2.99 - I will maybe make an apron out of this or just use it for quilting.

This pc of floral cotton fabric - it was $1.99 (I know the tag says $2.99, but I put the wrong tag with it for the picture) - approx 1 metre - again probably for quilting

This pc of floral cotton fabric - which I will use to cover my memo board - it was $2.99 - approx 1 metre

And finally this pc of floral tapestry - again approx 1 metre for only 99 cents - not sure what I will do with this yet, but I will find a use for it - it is so lovely! It is folded in half widthwise in the pic - so is actually double the amount shown.

These are all new fabrics by the way.

On top of all that - there I got a discount so that all that, including taxes cost me just under $10.

We then went back to Dollarama to get some thin ribbon to match my memo board fabric - could only find one roll in a nice berry colour for $1 - I hope 3 metres will be enough.

We never did get to the fabric store as I didn't need to go. Fabric there would have probably cost me at least $7 a metre!

In case you are wondering about my memo board, what I am going to do is.....cut a large sheet of 1/2 inch thick styrafoam (which we already have), and two pcs of cardboard the same size for the back, I will place the styrofoam on the cardboard, wrap in fabric and staple (with staple gun which I still have to buy) to the cardboard back. Then I take the thin ribbon and staple from the back, across the front in a diagonal grid patten. I'll then put flat thumbtacks (still have to buy), in all the places the ribbons cross - with me so far?

Then instead of using tacks to hold things up on the board, you just kind of tuck them under the ribbons. I'll try to post a picture when I get it finished.

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