Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Where has the time gone?

We move to our new house in exactly 11 days (not counting today, which is almost over).

I am starting to panic but trying to keep it under control. I still have plenty of packing to do, but much of it is last minute stuff.

I have huge lists that I am constantly referring to. Have I done everything?

We are also trying to hire a contractor to finish our new basement into an apartment for my father in-law. We had one guy that sounded decent but he seems to have disappeared. Haven't heard from him in 2 wks and his cell doesn't have voice mail. Sheesh.

I am so excited to get into our new place. I am especially excited about my new sewing room/office. I really want to get back to sewing and even knitting. I just hope I still have the urge after the move is done.

We will have 2 weeks in the new house before school starts. I have finally decided to put J into the catholic school - found out it also has an onsite daycare so that works for K dropping him off in the morning and then picking him up after school.

We may also have guests for Labour day weekend - will find out this week I hope. I am kind of dreading that - too soon after the move and all.

And about a week after school starts, I will start looking for work again - will have to work out the logistics of getting to and from the GO station each day - but I'm not going to worry about that now - hoping to win the lottery before then and not have to go back to work :)

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Overwhelmed! said...

My goodness, you have a lot on your plate right now! I hope it all goes well. :)

Thanks for your business name suggestions! I'm waiting until the end of the week to make a decision but I'll be sure to let everyone know which name I choose.