Friday, 7 September 2007

Finally Friday

My office / sewing room is completely painted - I will start to set it up this weekend after the paint has cured a bit. That will be nice- so many of my things are still in boxes in there.

The painter has started on the guest room - formerly red and black will become Soft wheat.

And J's two green walls will get painted royal blue on Monday.

Work on the basement is coming alone nicely. DH has to finish the electrical wiring this weekend so that they can finish drywalling next week. He also has to leave around noon on Sunday for a business trip, so it should be a full busy weekend.

The house is getting cleaned and sorted bit by bit. We have put off any relatives coming to visit for at least two weeks so that we can as much done as possible before then.

Still have that nice attractive hole where the microwave used to be over the stove - we plan to buy a microwave to fit there.

Slowly but surely.

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