Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Major catastrophe diverted

So we are having our basement renovated (by my brother's company) into an in law apt for my FIL.

My brother asked to be paid in cash. On the Friday of the long weekend, my DH got 10K out of the bank in cash - it was counted in the money cage and then again by the teller to DH - however, he wasn't really paying that close of attention - it was 200, 50 dollar bills - and the bank was crowded - he really should have gone to a cubicle and recounted the money - he did not.

Ok so you know what happened right?

Anyway, he came right home - says to me, I didn't count it but it was counted twice at the bank - do you want to count it? I said no (DUH) - he then placed it into his gun safe until we needed it- my brother was supposed to be back on Tuesday after the holiday but had another small job to do that took two days - so he wasn't back until Thursday morning.

Thursday morning DH takes the envelop out of the safe and passes it to my brother - then he takes me to my Dr appt.

We get back and brother says - you said there was 10K here but there is only 8K here - we all triple count it - DH goes back to the bank - now almost a week later mind you - they quickly check the float and nope they do not have any extra - they take DH's contact info and will get back to him.

I then call and ask if they have security video that they can check to see exactly how much was counted out, I beg, I plead, anything they can do please! - they tell me that will request the video for that. That was last Thursday.

Yesterday the president of the bank calls me and says nothing fishy can be seen on the video - they cannot see the actual counting of the money though. He pretty much says there is nothing they can do for us - sorry - he does say .....that he will get the office manager to triple check the floats one more time.

10 mins ago the office manager called me - they found our money!

Well that is what they said - maybe they are just willing to reimburse us - at this point I really don't care - we have our 2k back and they are sending us out to dinner on them.

My DH has been SO stressed about this all week because he did not recount at the bank - 2K is too much to lose.

I haven't been able to contact him yet - he is in a meeting so I just left a msg for him to call me when he is done - I know he will be so relieved as I am.

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