Saturday, 15 September 2007

UFOs (unfinished objects) - Quilting

So I am still unpacking - but decided to take stock of all my ongoing projects as I unpack them.

Here are several quilt blocks I have finished - I have multiples of most of them. Not sure what I am doing with them yet - may just put them all together into a random multi-block quilt.

The solid in this block is purple not blue as it looks here.
Purple here too.
Purple again.

This one is in severe need of ironing
This is a crib quilt I started ages ago - it needs to be quilted. this is backed with soft red flannel.

Close up of crib quilt.

Denim quilt made from old jeans I started ages ago as well - the top is finished, I need to add the batting, backing and tie it. I have a great piece of red and blue paisley fleece as the backing. One of these days.
I think this was the first block I ever made.More unfinished projects to come as I unpack them - I have LOTS.

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jean said...

Ooooh! Lots of lovely things to work on this winter! We'll have to see who finishes the first or me! Nothing like moving to turn up all those UFOs.LOL