Friday, 12 October 2007

Friday Again

A little chilly here today - only a high of 15C. Not turning the heat on yet - wearing a sweater (my new-to-me one from my thrift shopping), and drinking tea keeps me warm.

Still at the task of washing all my new fabric finds - this is SO time consuming. Each has to be tested in a bucket first to ensure it doesn't run and then washed with other like coloured fabrics if it doesn't. I still have about 6 more pieces to go.

I have been perusing quilting blogs all day and wanting to create so many different quilts now. I have so many I have to finish first.

I have worked a bit on my antique rose lap quilt - I started this quilt years ago - I have now gone as far as I can - because I have run out of the fabric and still need one more block for the middle and then backing and binding - I will hunt up some fabric on Saturday that will at least coordinate with the rest. I am thinking something like the light green to lighten it all up a bit and burgundy or hunter green for the back.

I also layed out my denim quilt to attach the batting and back - haven't done anything yet - still thinking on how best to approach this. I was mistakenly under the impression that I was to sew all the edges together and then tie it - but now I may have to bind it (?). I dunno, I'll wait and see.

And finally, I have been working on my multi-block quilt - I have done a couple more blocks and have played around with how to place them - still several more to make of course, and I have to find a fabric colour that will tie all the others in together.

So no major plans for this evening - watching The Ghost Whisperer and then Moonlight with the kid.

Have any of you seen Moonlight yet? The leading man is SO good looking, even for a vampire :) My son is getting tired of how many times I say Mick's eyes are dreamy LOL.

Kind of a cheesy show - it has been done SO many times before but a nice bit of fluff for a Friday evening.

I am going back to Value Village tomorrow with a friend, so I will be posting if I find anymore fabulous finds - we are going to look for Halloween costumes for da kid, but you never know....:)

Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Kim! These quilts are looking good! Love the first one - the green and rose one. Hope you find something that works. The denim one is coming along nicely too.

Way to go!