Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Ok so kiddo wanted to be a zombie for Halloween this year - we got all the clothes at Value Village for a total cost of $12. These first two pics were taken just after we cut up all the clothing. You can see his cute face here too :)
And then these are on Halloween evening after I did his makeup.

The blood is made from Maple syrup, powdered milk, a bit of cocoa and red food colouring. It was pretty difficult to wash off at the end of the night - sticky but looks real doesn't it?


Suzanne said...

Just wondering how dressing your son up as some axe murderer teaches him something about the life-long agonies suffered by surviving relatives. If he isn't an axemurderer, how is turning him into a victim teaching him how incredibly difficult and life-altering this is. Is it funny to be stabbed and wounded? Funny that someone did that,or that someone has this happen to him? I don't understand.

Kim said...

Suzanne since you didn't have the guts to leave an email where I can respond directly to you, I will do it here.

My son, although only 10 yrs old seems to have a greater grasp of what is real and what is not than you do.

He is dressed as a zombie, not an axe murderer and he knows it is all make- believe. A zombie is someone that has risen from the dead (the pretend part)- and not necessarily someone who died from a crime.

How does his dressing up as a zombie in any way defile actual victims or their relatives?

If he dressed as a hobo, would he be making fun of the homeless? Last year he was Harry Potter, I suppose he was somehow supporting witchcraft right?

I think people that surf the net looking for ways to be offended need to get a life.