Wednesday, 24 October 2007

I be sick :(

DH & I both have colds - he brought it home the other day. I am all stuffy and my throat is getting sore. So far DS is fine.

DH has been home 2 days. That is very unusual for him - he has to be feeling really poorly to stay home - he is however, calling in to meetings today. Just pushing the mute button often so he can cough :)

I am sitting at my desk in my comfy thrift store sweater and have a nice scented jar candle lit (not that I can smell it very well - but still). I am going to make a pot of green raspberry tea in a bit to keep me warm.

We had the carpet in the basement apt installed yesterday and the hardwood floor for the kitchen/dining room will be installed on Thursday. I will update with pictures later today.

Since I was sick yesterday, I was lazy and didn't plan dinner - we ended up ordering pizza - but they had a buy one get one free deal - so we got two large pizzas and ate most of one last night and a whole one in the fridge for tonight.

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The Estrogen Files said...

Awww, get better! Thanks for the visit to my place today. Yes, you can still use the brown sugar that has turned white from the apple slice - it's just sucked all the molasses out of the sugar, no biggie. Turning the bag/apple, moving it, and so on will keep this from happening again.