Saturday, 6 October 2007

More thrift store finds

So today I spent the day with my sister again. She picked me up at 7:30am and we headed out to find some yard sales - we only found only but I scored these two framed cross-stitch pictures fro $2 each! The frames alone cost more than that - they now look great hanging in my laundry room.

These are new fabrics I bought at WalMart - $4, $3.77 & $5.98 a metre.

Then we drove a few towns away to go put a vase and silk flowers on my parents grave.
After that we hit the local Value Village. I found more great buys.

There is about 6 metres of this fabric. It was $6.99 .This one is about a metre - $1.99
A little over a meter - $1.99
These are window toppers but I will rip the stitching out and use for quilting - $2.99 for two long window toppers.

I am planning on making a quilt out of several brown coloured fabrics I have - this will be the back. It's about 2 metres - it will only be a lap quilt - this is a wool like fabric - $6.99
More fabric for backs of a quilt - this one has about 8 metres! $4.99
About 3 metres - $4.99
About 3 metres of this one - $1.99

About 3 metres of this one too - $2.99Then I found this mystery bag of laces - $1.99

Here is what we have inside - several metres of at least 6 different types of laces. Here are four.And another four.
Near the cemetery - there is this house - two years ago I first noticed it - it wasn't finished yet then - it looks finished now but still seems empty - I love this house. I looks like a castle to me.

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