Saturday, 17 November 2007

Antique rose quilt top finished

Ok I have completed the top of this quilt - mostly - I have found a couple errors I want to fix first - but then I am going to start my first attempt at actual quilting - I am thinking hand quilting - Jean any tips?

I think (I will research before starting) that I am to sandwich the top, batting and backing and then quilt it - then I put the binding on. Please correct me if I have this wrong.

So how do I quilt? Can I just make something up - do I have to follow an intricate pattern that must first be traced tot he fabric? Again I will research before starting - I have worked on this quilt for far too long to mess it up by being hasty.

I was thinking to maybe give this quilt to my Mother in-law for Christmas - but since she has such limited space where she lives with her daughter, it would probably just be packed away.

So instead I am thinking to hang it on my office/sewing room wall. It will actually go very well with the room decor.


gwen said...

Congrat on a finished top.
As the top is quite busy, you don´t need to quilt anything difficult in it. It would be lost.
A cross-hatching in the 16patch and following the lines in the other blocks would be my idea. I wish you a lot of ideas and take care.

Jean said...

Looks lovely Kim! I machine quilt all my quilts with all over patterns. It takes practice to do, and I don't recommend you try it without a lot of practice on batted muslin blocks first.