Friday, 16 November 2007

A catch up post

So it has been a busy couple of weeks. My father in-law moved here from Labrador. Unfortunetly, the basement is not quite ready yet and he will have to spend a few weeks in my guest room until it is.

He brought a LOT of stuff with him and even though he has a decent 950 square foot apartment, he has WAY too much stuff and has to weed through it.

I have done a bit of work on my pink quilt - I bought lighter pink fabric to sew around the 2nd set of centre squares and than a darker pink for sashing between the two sets.

I think it will be given to my sister once it is finished as I really don't even like pink and she has a single bed which makes making the quilt easier - plus she is very used to having to wait years for me to finish projects for her :)

Nothing major happening on the job front - one of the positions I was hoping to submit for has been put on hold until January. Still waiting on a 2nd interview for another. Or I could just win the Super 7 lottery tonight - 17 million and the hell with a job all together.

Still having some issues with J's school - yet another reason I wish I had the money for private school.

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