Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Got the Christmas tree up!

So this is after we got our tree set up - actually the next day - it had been wrapped up and had to have a chance for the branches to fall - which it did and that is when we noticed that the tree is very crooked. We turned the crooked size to the wall and continued.
Please pretend you don't see the mess on the glider.So here is the tree after my wonderful husband put the lights on and than my son and his friend decorated the rest (oh I hung the gold beads).
A wide shot of the front room - minus the mess on the glider.
This is our new leather set - the love seat still has to be replaced (for the 2nd time!) due to a flaw. But notice I moved the big red bowl with gold balls?

UPDATE: The love seat has been replaced 4 times! and is still defective - they will not replace again (not sure I would want them to), so they are giving us a full refund and will pick both pcs up today (Jan 4th). So we will have to go leather shopping again soon. We didn't even get to enjoy it over the holidays because since they were going back I wouldn't let anyone sit on them :)
And then I added red balls! I know, I'm so unique!
My dining table - I had to take the shot a few time to exclude the clutter in the kitchen- so I ended up chopping off the top of the center piece instead.
Still have to take a pic of my front door for THIS spot.


Nan said...

Thanks so much for stopping by to see my Christmas Open House.
I've enjoyed seeing yours too.
Please come back anytime.

Keri said...

love your tree! I'm late visiting the Christmas tour of homes. I was a little busy with the usual Christmas rush of replacing broken appliances. Wait? You mean not everyone has 2 appliances to break during Christmas? I must be special!