Friday, 4 January 2008

2008 goals

Man doncha just hate this time of year? It is a great time to wipe the slate clean and plan your goals for the coming year - but then if they are the same goals as last year - well that can be a downer.

Doesn't matter - I'm going to make my goals anyway.

In no particular order.

Lose weight - ya ya I know - this one has been on the list for several years running now - but with the latest development of a gallbladder attack (or at least that is what we think it was - will know more after U/S and CT), I really need to get working on this one seriously.

Get a job - or win the lottery, that is always a possibility. Funds are beginning to run low and I had expected to be back to work by now. Submitted to a few jobs this morning.

Get debt down - really only a Visa and the mortgage but still - need to get as much as possible paid to both.

Keep regular expenses down - utilities, food costs the electric bill for the past 3 months - wasn't quite as bad as I expected ($340 for 3 mths) but it could be better (if FIL turned off lights!) and when I get back to work it will be even lower.

Spend more time on my many craft/sewing/art projects and actually finish some of them. I have been doing better at this actually.

Spend more quality time with K & J - we need to plan more family activities - we spend too much time on our own PCs or doing our own things that we don't talk too much - need to think on this one more.

Cooking from scratch and cooking ahead - both tie into the weight loss and food budget too. I am home now - it is the time to get things int he freezer for those busy nights when I don't feel like doing anything but order pizza.

I think that is good enough for now - I am sure there are several other areas I could improve on - but I think keeping things simple will make them more attainable.

What are your goals for the new year?

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Anonymous said...

Oooh...good luck with your goals. They look awfully similar to mine. Lose weight, save money, spend more quality time with DH...yep...I'm right with you on these!