Sunday, 20 January 2008

Fabulous frugal fabric finds!

Now say that five times fast!

This is the bounty from my trip to Walmart today.

This fabric is pretty heavy - would make good cushion covers - $1.75 for 0.9 metres.
This fabric is light and stretchy - I am thinking to make a skirt out of it - $1.87 for 1.9 metres.
This fabric is medium weight - again good for pillows or even to incorporate into crazy quilts - $1.75 for 0.9 metres.
Light-weight jacquard - to include in a cream-coloured crazy quilt project I will be starting soon - $1.76 for 2 metres (but it is only 15 in wide)
Cotton - will use for quilts - $5.96 for 2 metres.
This photo doesn't do the colour justice - it is a pale lemon yellow - see the scalloped edge on the left? Only 0.97 a metre - I bought one metre - will include in my cream-theme crazy quilt - I know it is not cream but I think it will work and I just love it!

Fabric with embroidery - for cream crazy quilt project - $3.30 for 1.7 metres - only about 16 in wide.
Another small piece - again for cream crazy quilt - $0.18 for 0.4 metres.
A kind of blah piecec compared to the others - plain light beige- for the cream crazy quilt - $0.30 for 0.3 of a metre.
Light weight jacquard-like (?) cream fabric - cream crazy quilt - $1.36 for 0.7 of a metre.
I also bought myself a new iron - the one I have is about 20 yrs old - it works fine but does not have an auto shut-off - I forgot it on last week for a few hours - no damage done - but if I keep doing things like that I will burn the house down - so I got one with auto shut-off - a Black & Decker one for $27 - I will freecycle my old one as it is still good.

Ok off to get started!

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