Friday, 25 January 2008

Favorite Ingredient Friday - Fake Crab Dip

Ok this is a made up recipe - so please be aware that you may have to play with it a bit to make it how YOU like it.

You know that fake crab stuff? Sometimes called Sea legs or something like that? It is actually made from a fish called Pollock and just has crab flavoring and some food colouring added - anyway, back to the recipe.

Feel free to use real crab if you want, but I really hate that mushy stuff in the can so I just used this instead and since it is usually for a crowd, it is cheaper too.

  • A package of fake crab - chop finely or just give it a whiz in the food processor - you want fine chop - not puree.
  • 2 oz cream cheese - I have used flavored before - nuke it for about 15 sec to soften.
  • 1 oz seafood sauce - you know the red sauce you dip your shrimp in? That stuff.
  • Green onions - chopped fine - at least one - more if you like - oh and use ALL the white part - that is were the flavor is.
  • 2-3 tbsp - mayo - I use Miracle whip because that is all I buy but I am sure your mayo will work just as well.
  • Salt, pepper, garlic powder, seasoning salt, cayenne - whatever floats your boat.
  • Couple shakes Worcestershire sauce.
  • Couple shakes hot sauce - I use Frank's.
  • Cooked salad shrimp - optional - I have used this if I had it on hand - chopped small

- So chop the fake crab (and shrimp if using)
- Nuke the cream cheese and then stir the seafood sauce into it
- add that to the chopped crab (or vise versa) and then add the remaining ingredients
- taste and see what it needs - if anything - be creative.

I serve this with crackers - I set a small dip knife in the dip and an assortment of crackers around the dip - I have never had leftovers so I guess it is a hit.

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~*~Tamy & the SGT~*~ said...

This sounds yummy too. I'll try your version of chicken wings, but it'll wait until summer ~ it's only 15 degrees here and I don't have an indoor grill.

Kathleen Marie said...

It sounds like you and I cook a bit alike. I love playing around with recipes. This sounds supper good!

Overwhelmed! said...

I admire those of you that can whip up their own recipes. I'm not very good at doing that. Your crab dip recipe sounds quite yummy! :)

Thanks,Kim, for participating in my Favorite Ingredients Friday Super Bowl Sunday recipe exchange. I do appreciate it.