Friday, 25 January 2008

Frugal Friday - Little things add up

My tips today will not save you big bucks but will over the long haul, save pennies and the environment.

I am sure you are familiar with most if not all of them.

A few things I do (that my DH thinks I am nuts for doing :))

  • I save the inserts from magazines and use them as bookmarks for the books I am reading - I usually have at least 4 different books I am reading at any one time and can never seem to find my actual book marks. Oh I also use paint chips as bookmarks :)
  • I save old desk flip calendar (you know the ones with saying for each day and you just rip them off or flip them back?) sheets to use as note pads - I am still working on an old Dr Phil one from 2004 :) They are ruled on the back and make great note pads.
  • I save my samples of shampoo and the like to add to stockings at Christmas time.
  • I reuse bread bags for homemade bread.
  • I always use less laundry soap, dishwasher soap then the directions call for - so far so good.
  • I add water to the dish soap once there is room in the bottle. I have done this with shampoo before too with varying results - I think it depends on the quality of the shampoo.
  • I don't reuse plastic containers from sour cream and the like but I do make sure they get put in the recycling bin.
  • I wear my clothes more than once (as long as they are clean and don't smell) - longer life for the clothes and less laundry. I have to work on this with my son - he is in the habit of tossing everything into the dirty hamper once he takes it off, even if he only had it one for a couple hours.
  • I hang all dress clothes (mine & DH's) up as soon as soon as they come out of the dryer. I never iron if I can help it :) Again it saves wear and tear on the clothes and the life of the iron I guess - plus I am just lazy.
  • I only wash full loads of laundry now- I used to just toss in whatever I need to wear that day and would end up doing several more loads than necessary. Now I have to work on my FIL who washes only 2 shirts and 2 pair of pants on HOT per load.
  • I save drips and dregs - only 2 tbsps left of pizza sauce? Into a small ziptop bag and into the freezer - do that enough times and you have enough for an entire pizza. Same goes for bits of cheese or even leftovere meat - they all end up on a pizza one day.
That's all I can think of right now - hope at least one of them helps someone - have a lovely frugal day!


Anonymous said...

These were great tips and I am with you on the saving drips! And I thought I was the only one!

Donna(mom24boyz) said...

I like the idea of reusing bread bags for your homemade bread--can't believe I hadn't thought of that already :) Good post

Mom2fur said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who will wear something several times before washing it (except undies, of course.) Honestly, if it doesn't look dirty, why wash it? And with 7 people here, I have enough laundry to do as it is, LOL!
As far as drips...I like to mix other things with what is left in the bottle. Pineapple juice mixed with leftover BBQ sauce or jam makes a killer marinade. Olive oil and vinegar shaken with leftover mustard--a quick and free vinaigrette!
I am also trying to learn to use less laundry soap!

Anonymous said...

Great tips. I like the saving drips thing. I am lazy and usually just throw it out. I am insprired!