Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesday - batch cooking soups

This is my first posting to Kitchen Tip Tuesdays over at Tammy's Recipes, but I have been reading them for ages.

My tip is probably not new to most of you but if bears repeating anyway.

I make a large batch of soup - I can never manage to make a small batch - even though it is often only me eating it (DH & DS aren't big soup eaters).

But now instead of trying to eat soup for four days running until it is finished or gets thrown out, I package the soup into individual sized tupperware-like containers and freeze.

When I am working, I grab one of these out of the freezer int he morning and pop it into my lunch bag - it serves as an icepack and the soup is mostly thawed by lunch time- of course I have access to a mircowave to warm it up.

These are also good for those - don't know what we want-don't feel like cooking nights.


kelly said...

great tip, i love homemade soup too!

Martie said...

Great tip! I always wonder why I forget to use my freezer for the leftovers! Thanks for the tip.


Mamacita said...

really good tip! Thank you for stopping by my blog. :)

Jasmine's Journey said...

That is what I do with other foods. Make a bunch and then freeze. Enjoy your soup!