Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Making Money blogging! - I joined PayPerPost

Guess what? I signed up for payperpost!

If you are not familiar with PayPerPost, it is a website that pays you to post content for their advertisers on your blog.

I read about it on someone else’s blog, who is also a member.

It is so easy to join too! You register your blog – get approved and then check out the opportunities available to write about.

Their clients post what they need written about, how many words the post has to be and what the payment is – payment varies but starts at $5. I’ve seen some listed at $45 for a 200-word post!

Since I am a writer by trade, trying my best to post on my blog daily and wanting to increase traffic, I thought this would be a good way to go – plus I get paid – can’t beat that right?

I like the fact that I get to chose what I write about. If there is a topic/client that I am not interested in writing about, I just don’t submit for that opportunity.

I think it will be really cool to research and learn about different products as well.

I have started to browse the site and see where one member has made over $18K! Not sure how long it took her, but that is still pretty impressive. Wouldn’t it be great if I could make some decent money off this and not have to look for a real job? LOL.

Check it out – PayPerPost – you can make some easy money too!

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