Thursday, 17 January 2008

Making Money Blogging

As some of you may know - I am not currently working. I am on a quest to find work, save money and make money.

One of the ways I have decided to try making money is via Blogsvertize.

How Blogsvertize works is that once you sign-up and are approved, you are periodically sent assignments.

These assignments contain a URL for a product or service. You then visit the URL, check it out and then write a post about the product or service. You have to mention the website and post at least 3 links to the URL. You do not have to endorse the product or service - just write about it.

And the best part - you get paid! Hey it also generates traffic to your blog which isn't bad either right? :)

For detailed instructions, check out the this page.

If you think this is something that will work for you, head over to Blogsvertize and register your blog!


My Crazy Family said...

So I am wondering how this has worked out for you?
It would be nice to earn some extra income. :o)


Kim said...

It didn't work out for me at all. They never sent me any clients. I emailed them and they just said things were slow.

I have had better luck luck with Pay Per Post - you can join via the button on the top right of my blog.

I have made about $200 via PPP - and I don't do it as frequently as I could.