Friday, 11 January 2008

My latest addiction - oh my!

I recently found Allie's blog all about Crazy quilting - I honestly don't remember how I found her - but I spent a couple days perusing her site and checking out all the beautiful work she has done.

It got my creative juices flowing. I decided to try crazy quilting.

I created this in about 3 hours last night - I really didn't want to stop.

Set on my black chair for contrast.

This type of quilting is just my style - no rules! Anything goes! I am definitely a "No rules" kindo gal.

I can be messy and it works - the seams can be uneven and it works!

Oh I love crazy quilting I tell you!

I have now started adding some embroidery to my crazy quilt block - I haven't really done any embroidery before but that is ok - because with crazy quilts - Anything goes!

I can see this really becoming a problem for me - oh and did I mention - it uses scraps! Yes! Because I have put myself on a fabric diet - no more buying until I use up some of my stash. (I have a fabric stash - how cool is that!)

Oh and buttons - which I have a bunch of - oh and remember all that lace I got at Value Village? I can use that too - oh and beads - which I don't have, but can get a wide assortment of at Dollarama (so not to expensive).

I can add all kinds of things. Silk flowers. All types of fabrics.

I mostly have only cotton right now - I think another trip to Value Village to get some cheap old silk type clothes to cut up.

I think I will turn this block into a wall hanging for my office/sewing room.

I had so many ideas last night - I just couldn't sleep! I will make crazy quilt blocks and then cut them down to 2 inch by 5 inch strips, add a back and quilt them - Bookmarks!

I have a bunch of canvas totes that I would love to recover with crazy quilt blocks! So many ideas!

Can I make a living at this? Anyone know how? Because I can't see myself stopping any time soon. This is way too much fun - it is torture just to put it down to write this post.

Ok back to it - I will post more pictures as I progress. Fun fun fun! At least it is not fattening right?!


Allison Ann Aller said...

You sound entirely like a natural, born-to-crazy-quilt type person!

I was a "sane" quilter for almost 25 years before I discovered CQ (it was a bead show that did it)...that was 8 years ago and though I still make bed quilts--simple and functional--my attention is strictly on the CQ realm now.

I never thought I would turn into a thread junkie but I have. That's the only stash I had to build up from scratch.

If you would like to have a look at my sane quilting work, go to

It's a fairly static site because my web guy is no more, but it has examples of my old work...

Thanks for your interest and have a ball with your new love!!! You are off to a great start!

Anonymous said...

Now you've got me itching to pick up my crazy quilting again. Is there never any end to the wonderful projects a person can do?! I had a friend this morning lament that she had taken a leave of absence from work and didn't know what to do with herself. I'm wondering if she's taken a leave of absence from her mind! I can't seem to find a spare moment!


nflame said...

I love it! I have wanted to start some crazy quilting, but I can't all my stuff together. Great job.