Thursday, 31 January 2008

Oh my - more luscious goodness and a quilt update.

Look what arrived in the mail the other day!

I ordered them off eBay a week or so ago. They are SO yummy! I love to look at them. There are six 6" squares of six different patterns.

Now I have to get working on what to do with them. A quilt I am sure - thinking of a nice deep wine colour or light green or even a nice earthy beige for a wide sashing. Thinking maybe to make it a wall hanging for my staircase. What colour do you think will work best?

We shall see - I really need to get moving on all these projects!

Also, I finished the antique rose quilt top awhile back and have started machine quilting it, something that I have never done before - my gosh this is hard! I have simply been following straight lines on the quilt. Not doing anything fancy this time.

I plan to use this quilt as a wall hanging, so the back isn't that important - good thing because it has several pinches and pleats that should not be there!

Speaking of wall hangings - what is the best way to do this? Simple curtain rod with finials? Is there an easier way? The rose quilt is quite light so it really doesn't need the structure of a curtain rod if there is a simpler method.

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