Saturday, 26 January 2008

Post-holiday party & Hair Dying

So today I will be colouring my hair - it is long overdue - my grays are really getting out of control. My 10 yr old son wants me to colour his hair as well - I have short hair so there is always enough left to do his as well. We both have dark hair and the colour I use is a medium warm brown with added highlights. So that is what we will be doing this morning - I will take and add pictures. It shouldn't be too radical for him - we let him do this last summer ->

with no ill effects. :)

The reason I have to dye my hair today is because tonight I am going to my sister's work's Holiday party - they do it in January because everyone is so busy and most venues booked in December. It will be nice to have something like this in the middle of the Jan/Feb blahs.

I used to work at her company so I still know many of the people there - it is always fun to see them again and touch base.

I haven't yet decided what I will wear - I don't have a lot of evening clothes. I have my old stand-by that I wore to my husband's Christmas party - but that is what I wore last year - not sure if anyone would remember, but I would still feel strange. Will figure it out.

Update: Here are J's during and after pictures of the hair dying and my after picture. I ended up wearing the same outfit that I did to K's Christmas party.

Here is J during the second step - highlights.

And tonight - I disturbed his bedtime reading to take his picture and show you his highlights - his hair didn't get as light as mine - he has darker hair.And me after colouring my hair and getting all dolled up for the party. J took this picture of me.

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