Monday, 21 January 2008

Update on gallbladder tests

I had an appt with my doctor this morning at 9:15am - I got called into the office at 9:30am - not bad actually, it is usually closer to an hour later.

Doctor comes in about 10 mins later - he has no idea why I am there - he has not yet received the test results. Great!

So he says he will look into it and call me with results later in the day since he is a 40 minute drive from where I live and I wasn't keen on going back for another appt.

Around 2pm this afternoon I get a call "This is Sarah from Dr XYZ's office, we have your test results, can you come in one day this week?" "Um I was there this morning and the results were not!" "Oh they were here" she says, but in the "to call" pile. Great. She said she would give the results to the doctor and have him call me.

Around 3:30pm he called - after about 5 minutes of medical jargon, I was told that there is no sign of gall stones. However, there is a small growth on my left adrenal gland they want to keep an eye on - I will have another CT scan (without dye this time YAH!) in about 2-3 months - but it is probably nothing to worry about.

Ok so the New Years day attack was a fluke or something - who knows - don't care as long as it doesn't happen again.

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