Sunday, 17 February 2008

Cat sitting

Well we really aren't cat sitting - we are cat borrowing.

See hubby is allergic to cats - but we (kid and I) really really really want a cat (or a small cute lil REALLY expensive doggie :)).

So we have borrowed my sister's cat (she inherited it when our friend died), for a week - this cat, Princess, is a short haired cat and we want to see it she will make hubby's allergies act up - we know our friend's long haired cats do.

So we brought princess home with her litter box, and other paraphernalia with her. We hadn't previously told the kid we were doing this - his expression was priceless when almost as soon as we let her out of the cat carrier, she zoomed up the stairs and walked right into his room (where he was once again attached to the computer like a baby to it's Mother's t...umm you get he idea).

He glanced at the cat (oh forgot to mention the cat has a lil bell on her collar so she jingles when she walks) when she jingled by, looked back at his PC then did a comical double-take at the cat and then at me laughing in the doorway.

Princess doesn't much care for Kodi - but he is whining and crying to get out of his crate to go play with her - she stays upstairs (where he isn't allowed) when he is out.

So she has been here for about 5 hours now and so far so good - hubby's eyes are not bothering him at all - itchy eyes is usually his first symptom.

So here is Princess - she is a tortoise shell - she seems to dislike the camera as she leaves as soon as I point it at her.

And also a picture of the kid doing an imitation of Princess hissing at him - kid's croking smack :)

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