Thursday, 21 February 2008

Changing Browsers

I am a Netscape user - or at least I was until today - I started out using the Internet years ago via Netscape and have never really liked Internet Explorer (although I have had to use it many times at various work places).

Well Netscape is being put to rest - AOL bought it and are not continuing to support it.

So I decided it was time to upgrade my browser - but I still do not want to go the IE route.

So I chose FireFox which is exactly like Netscape! Why didn't anyone tell me? I would have switched years ago!

So that is what I have been doing for the past hour or so. No it doesn't take long to download a new browser - but then I have to import all my bookmarks - then I have to of course organize then again because the powers that be inside FireFox decided I would like them alphabetized - which I do not!

Then of course I have to delete all the dead links that I probably never used in the first place and start sorting out and going through the probably gazillian! bookmarks I have accumulated in the last several years.

So I may not resurface for day or so - who knows.

What browser do you use?

Oh FireFox has a tons of cool looking plug-ins too - anyone have any recommendations on which ones are really useful?

So until I can dig myself out from under this pile of bookmarks - have a great day! :)

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What About Mom? said...

glad you came over to Firefox. i love it! (well, as much as it is possible for me to love a computer-thing).

sometimes i am so excited about plugins and widgets and whatnot, and other times, i wish things would just come with a few basic tools and leave me be otherwise.

have fun exploring!