Sunday, 17 February 2008

Even more thrift store finds.

My sister and I took our bi-monthly (does that mean twice a month or every two months? I mean every 2nd month) trip to Value Village.

I scored another Tricha Romance print - for $9.99! Yes!

UPDATE: For some reason I decided to open the back of the frame - this is not a print - it is cut out of a glossy book of Trisha Romance prints! Oh well the frame is worth $10 at least :)

Fuzzy pic but it shows the matt & frame.


And I bought some buttons and a nice mason jar to hold them (with my own growing stash).

And oh yes - this lovely piece of fabric too.
Update: This has been turned into this!

Oh almost forgot - I bought this sheet to turn into cloth napkins for the boy and I - Hubby says he doesn't want to use cloth - well fine Mr Party pooper! Blah :)

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