Friday, 29 February 2008

Frugal Friday - Using up samples

You know all those samples you receive, some in magazines, some you request online, some you get in the newspaper? Shampoo, conditioner, lotions....

What do you do with them?

Do you have them piling up in a drawer somewhere?

Do you, God forbid, throw them out?!

Here are a couple ideas:

  • I used to collect them and then use them as stocking stuffers for my sister and girlfriends.
  • I have collected a huge amount, added them to some store bought small bottles of lotion etc and placed into a nice basket for an inexpensive gift for a teacher or co-worker.
  • I have actually used them myself, when I've run out of shampoo. I continued to use them all up - I didn't have to buy shampoo, conditioner or lotion for at least a month or so.
Just a reminder that just because they are small - don't forget about them!

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S.B. said...

Good idea! I also use mine for traveling.


Jen said...

Great ideas! I like the idea of using them bundled together with other things in a great looking basket as a gift! Brilliant! Found you through frugal friday!

Every good and perfect gift said...

Great tip! I stash mine away and when I get a quite a few I make a little "gift basket" for a friend, (often my mom-she loves samples)It's a great way to show you're thinking about someone without spending money.