Sunday, 17 February 2008

Have you heard of Kijji? And a major posting catch-up

Lots of new posts - scroll down after this one - I finally got a burst of energy and have posted all the posts I have been meaning to :)

I don't know if it is only in Canada but we have this great site called (pronounced Ka-Gee-Gee).

It is a buy & sell site but includes pictures (unlike many Craigslist posts) and is specific to many cities - the one closest to me is Oshawa.


I saw these listed on Kijji last week - both for $30! and the best part? The seller was located just down the road from me.

Close-upsThis 2nd one is a close-up of the door of the house in the first (did that make any sense?)

They are by Trisha Romance.

I have two other Trisha Romance prints that I got when a dear friend passed away a couple months ago. I will have to take pics and post them here too.